Justin Bieber Spotted With Nearly Nak3d Man In New Pic

Justin was in for a big surprise during a late-night talk show visit. (And we thought all the crazy stuff happened on ‘Ellen’!)
No, you didn’t misread that headline; Justin Bieber really did share the frame with a half-naked man — in Ashton Kutcher‘s latest twitpic! The Two and a Half Men star bumped into the “Boyfriend” singer March 27 while they were both taping appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Ashton couldn’t resist capturing the moment.
“On @jimmykimmel tonight with jb and this guy,” Ashton tweeted.
Maybe this counts as Justin one-upping Selena Gomez, whose Spring Breakers set is littered with topless extras.


I dont think so he is justin in the pic

High School Diploma

Wierd...anyways if u wanna see a pic of jb naked go on house of

Where like which one do you click on and how do you get to images for the house of david

some of these are older pix when bieber was younger- no frontal nudity. there is a good pix of bieb peeing into a custodial bucket, but it did not make the front page of the Hollywood Reporter, or New York Times...even the miami jail pix of bieb urinating was blocked out by the court. pity. so I guess we will have to wait until bieb starts doing porn video before we see it all. a brazilian prostitute claims she slept with him, but how much of her testimony can you really believe?..Bishop Tom

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